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Safeguard Your Automobile With a Tailored Insurance Policy

Auto Insurance

Like every other state, Georgia has established strict guidelines for the minimum auto insurance coverage required to legally operate a motor vehicle. If you are financing or leasing an automobile, your lender will require that you maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on the vehicle for the full term of the agreement in order to cover their own financial liability. Of course, even if your vehicle is paid off, especially if you have a substantial monetary investment in your automobile, you will almost certainly want to continue to carry a comprehensive policy to safeguard against various losses that could occur. Last, but certainly not least, one must carefully consider additional factors such as medical, collision and uninsured motorist coverages. No matter what level of protection you desire, we look forward to lending our expertise in discussing your needs so you can get the policy that’s right for you.

Classic Car Insurance

Your classic car is special and deserves to be protected. There are many ways to protect your investment whether you are just beginning to restore your vehicle or if it's already pristine. We offer a variety of carriers and coverage levels to ensure you are getting the coverage you need at a price that’s right. Working with a professional that knows classics is always the best way to ensure you have the right coverage for your investment.

Motorbike Insurance

Motorcycle insurance provides the same essential coverages the standard auto insurance policy offers, but since it is specifically meant for a motorcycle, the cost of the premium can be much lower than auto insurance. The state of Georgia has specific coverage requirements that must be met in order to operate a motorcycle legally on public roads and highways and depending on your circumstances, you may want additional coverages that are not required by law. We look forward to helping you get the protection you need. Contact us today for a quote!


If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a conviction for D.U.I., driving without liability insurance or you have an unsatisfied judgment in the state of Georgia, then you probably already know that you will need a SR-22 or SR-22A Georgia Responsibility Insurance Certificate. We realize how stressful and confusing it may be for you in trying to navigate your way through this difficult time and you probably have many questions and concerns about your situation. We’re here to help you by answering any questions you have and we will be happy to explain everything to you in a way that you can understand exactly what to expect going forward.

RVs & Motorhomes

If you own a recreational vehicle, you probably saved a long time just to be able to buy it and you almost certainly have dreams of traveling the country or even the entire continent in your cozy home on wheels. Obviously, a RV will have its own inherent potential liabilities, but the last thing you want to think about while you’re on a nice relaxing roadtrip is insurance. Let us take care of your insurance coverage, so you can concentrate on the road ahead. We’ll be happy to work up the perfect policy for you, so you can have peace of mind no matter where you plan to travel. Contact us today for a personal quotation!


When you go out on your boat, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether you have enough insurance coverage to account for the various liabilities you may face as a boat owner. After all, the reason you got a boat in the first place was to relax. Whether it’s a yacht, a small fishing boat or just a jet ski we’ve got a policy that is just right for you. So relax! Let us worry about your boat insurance coverage so all you have to worry about is your sunscreen coverage!

Personal Insurance | Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability coverage to protect your assets and future income that your auto and homeowners policies do not provide. Umbrella insurance, true to its name, rovides an umbrella of coverage designed to fill in gaps in your primary policies, providing broader overage with much higher limits than the traditional auto or homeowners policy to give you optimum protection. Put simply, umbrella insurance provides valuable coverages your other policies do not accommodate for and extends the limits of the coverages you already have. Contact us today to see if an umbrella policy makes sense for you.