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Insurance Policies With Investment Property Coverage

Investment Property

Having the right coverage for your property is important. Many carriers offer different levels of protection that can affect your premium as well as coverages. Loss of rent, liability and contents are just a few of the coverages that can vary by policy and carrier. Discussing your personal needs with an insurance agent that understands the associated risks can be your best asset. Booth Insurance Group knows the investor market. We work with multiple top carriers to ensure you get the coverages you need for a price that’s right. From distressed properties to castles, we have a policy for your needs. In addition to investment property coverages, we also offer protection for your home, auto and business.


  • Vacant

    Basic perils policy— for vacant, on market and homes under renovation. Actual cash value policy. Short term contracts available.

  • Tenant occupied rental up to 4 units

    Multiple coverage options available to fit your needs. Must be well maintained and occupied. Replacement cost coverage available.

  • Commercial property policy (more than 4 units)

    Replacement and actual cash value endorsements available. Policies available for all commercial risks including shopping centers, office and apartment buildings.

  • Renovation Coverage

    Basic perils policy (Actual cash Value policy). Ideal for flips, remodeling vacancy, and on market homes. Contents coverage limited.

  • Replacement Coverage

    Available for occupied rentals and commercial risks.

  • Actual Cash Value

    Available for homes undergoing renovations, vacancy, occupied with value below fair market value. Depreciated value policy.

  • Loss of Use/Rent Coverage

    Available for occupied risks to cover loss of rent in case of a loss.

  • Functional replacement

    Available for occupied rentals. Actual Cash Value for total loss, repair at like kind and quality.

  • Liability Coverage

    Covers legal responsibility to pay for damages due to an accident or loss.